Marginetto is located on the north coast of La Maddalena. Here there are some villas built in the 60s as well as some small and evocative beaches, the access to which is partly hidden: that is why they are mostly frequented by experts of the territory.

Monti della Rena

In the northern coast of La Maddalena, easily accessible by the scenic route, we can find one of the island’s largest beaches, within a large bay: Monti della Rena. It is named after a sandy hill on the eastern side, which is often used as a playground by kids.

Hell Bay

Cala d’Inferno (Hell Bay), on the western coast, is a big bay exposed to the northwest winds. Its name is referred to the “hellish” aspect of its perpetually rough sea. The beach is accessible only on foot by two paths of discrete length. The first starts form the scenic route, just before the fortress of …

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