Entrust to Flotta del Parco: the best way to discover the La Maddalena Archipelago

The Park Fleet is an organisation of the boats with the aim to provide the best experience for tourists who want to visit the Archipelago of La Maddalena.
We firmly believe that the tourist is at the core of our business and we want him to feel at home, traveling and discovering the beauty of our land, Sardinia. Our decades of experience in the maritime sector guarantees the highest quality standards, with the most modern services, comfort and total safety on board. Our motorboat Squalo IV carries out daily departures from Palau and La Maddalena harbours, providing services such as coffee bar, solarium, lunch on board and entertainment. Enjoy a wonderful trip during your holiday in Sardinia! You can visit the most beautiful beaches in an unspoiled paradise.

Our history

The history of our company started in the 50s, when, at the end of the war, Tommaso Di Fraia embarked on the first activity of transporting cars, goods and passengers from Palau to La Maddalena. In 1955 he began working with the Club Mediteraneé in Caprera to transport guests from and to the village during the summer. In the winter, meanwhile, continue with the transport line between Palau and the Archipelago. The son Enzo took over the family business in 1974, remaining a supplier of the Mediterraneé and dedicating himself in the summer, on behalf of the hotels of the Costa Smeralda, to the first boat trips in the Archipelago.In the winter of the 60s and 70s, the company guarantees the transport of workers and goods to the island of Santo Stefano, both for the construction of works in the former US base and for the construction of the former village of Valtur.In 1978 the largest naval unit in the maritime district was purchased, thanks to which the partnership with the Club continued until 1980.Starting from 1981 we start a new activity: that of the daily excursions, departing from Palau and La Maddalena. The service is open to all tourist customers and is organized according to the methods with which we still work today. To improve our offer, in 1992, a new and more modern boat was purchased, the Squalo IV which is, in the reference tourism sector, the largest boat operating on the route of excursions in the Archipelago.


Our Team


The Commander

The Commander Enzo is a sea dog madly in love with our archipelago. After attending the “D. Millelire” Nautical Technical Institute of La Maddalena, he immediately undertook the maritime activity founded by his father Tommaso. In 1975 he obtained the title of motorist and in 1976 that of commander. His experience in command of naval units has been enriched year after year with the qualification to use the normal and automatic nautical radar, the ROC (Radiocommunication Course) and ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid).
Since 1977 he has also been a lecturer in the Maritime Arts, Navigation, Navigation, Naval Construction and Naval Art, at the Nautical Institute of La Maddalena of which he is the dean with over 35 years of teaching.


Chief engineer

Giovanni is our director of machines: a real guarantee in terms of engines and on-board safety. Maddalenino by adoption has gained a long experience on passenger liners up to stopping here in the Archipelago to take care of our cruises. He also graduated from the Nautical Institute of Porto Torres, he obtained the title of qualified driver, the course in crisis management and training in matters of load safety and integrity of the hull.He is a great lover of fishing, and, in moments of pause, loves to chat with passengers about the species that inhabit the waters of the Archipelago: how to catch them and how to cook them.Its presence on board our motorboat ensures unforeseen navigation.



More than a sailor, Carlo is a real Bosun. Arm of the commander’s right arm, they are responsible for maneuvering and boarding and disembarking of passengers, as well as the reception on board. But that’s not all: it’s him, along with the rest of our staff, to take care of the activities of arming and disarming the motor vessel. During the stops you can see it moving on board our tender to ensure passengers a bath in complete relaxation and in total safety. Among the younger members of our crew lives a boat job with an authentic professionalism combined with the carefree of those who have made the sea and the islands their passion.His great passion is volleyball that he cultivates by playing for the U.S. local team. Garibaldi of which he is the captain.




Scopri l’Arcipelago e i suoi luoghi più nascosti con le guide ambientali della Cooperativa Isule. Percorsi di trekking a contatto con la natura, visite guidate ai musei di Caprera, avvistamento delfini e molto altro ancora.



Il ristorante L’Avventura, situato sul lungomare di via Amendola, di fronte al nostro imbarco, propone una cucina di pesce che unisce la ricercatezza alla tradizione della cucina isolana.


Hotel Garibaldi

L’hotel Garibaldi è un piccolo gioiello nel cuore dell’isola. La sua posizione tranquilla, la centralità, la qualità del servizio e del comfort ne fanno  il luogo ideale per un gradevole soggiorno.


Centro Velico Caprera

Fatto di emozioni, di tecnica, e di un rapporto con il mare che di giorno in giorno si fa sempre più forte, il Centro Velico Caprera è la più antica e prestigiosa scuola di vela d’Italia. I suoi corsi, sia per esperti che principianti, sono aperti dalla primavera all’autunno.